Whether in need of an indulgent signature spa bath or a soothing massage, our professional staff will lavish your dog with the highest quality care. All products used by Dioji Spa are hypo-allergenic and earth-friendly.

Salon (Baths & More!)

Spa Bath

Dioji's refreshing Spa Bath lathers your dog from head to paw in nourishing, all natural hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners that cater to your dog's specific needs. The soothing treatment includes an ear cleansing, pedicure nail trim, full body brush and blow out.

A La Cart

Dioji's A La Cart services include Dental Brushing, Pedicure Nail Trim, Gland Expression and De Skunking.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapist will gently lull your dog into an ultimate state of relaxation; relieving sore muscles, dissolving tension and increasing flexibility. The benefits, including injury prevention and improved behavior from the alleviation of stress, continue long after the massage is complete.

Classic Dog Massage

This nurturing massage focuses on all major muscle groups including chest, legs, back and stomach to promote increased circulation and total body relaxation in your dog.

Rejuvenating Dog Massage

This therapeutic massage devotes special attention to muscles in the head, neck, legs, back, stomach and tail and includes light stretches to relieve sore muscles, dissolve tension and increase flexibility in your dog.


I love that after I get my bath and massage I feel great and get to sleep on the bed!

- Bailey