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Kirby's Corner

I wanted to share some FUN FACTS this month about me and my pals. Let's see how much of this you already knew.

A dog's smell is more than 1 million times stronger than that of a person.

A dog's sense of hearing is more than ten times more accurate than that of a person.

The average dog can run about 19 miles per hour at full speed (Greyhounds about 40 mph).

Much like a fingerprint, a dog's nose print is one of a kind.

The only sweat glands a dog has are between its toes.

People have been keeping dogs for pets for 12,000 years.

A female dog carries her puppies for about 60 days before they are born.


And my own fun facts are that I love a good belly rub, I'm obsessed with balls, I have a brown freckle on my nose and I've been known to clear an entire coffee table full of plates with my tail. Happy New Year!


Kirby Wendel
VP of quality control
Owners Jeannie & Bryce's yellow lab

Weight loss

It's a new year and a time when many people choose to eat better, exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. This is a great resolution for our four legged pals as well to ensure a long healthy life. Dioji carries a variety of low calorie kibbles and treats that can help your dog on the right foot to shedding any needed pounds. Stop in to either store and we'd be happy to help in your selection. It may be tough for us humans to work up the motivation to make our way to the gym, but luckily most dogs jump at the chance for a play session at the park or Dioji. A bit of running and play goes a long way to a long healthy life.

Product of the Month

Training Treats

We've been seeing lots of new puppies around Dioji and we have two great training treats to help while you raise the perfect pup (great for adult dogs too)!

Zuke's Mini Naturals

These healthy, moist mini dog treats are sure to have your dog hanging on your every word. The naturally delicious formula makes all the difference—quality protein, whole food antioxidants, and a mouthwatering taste your dog will love.


Real Meat Treats

High quality, natural jerky strips feature human-grade real meat! New Zealand range-raised beef, lamb, venison, and chicken grazing on a grass diet. Small pieces make it easy to put in your pocket/treat pouch and quickly pass on to your obedient pup.

Coupon of the Month

Coupon of the Month

Outside the Club

Saturday, February 9th, 4pm-8pm
FurEver Valentines Friendraiser

Want to celebrate Valentine's Day in a pawsitive way? Join us for a fun-filled event to raise funds and awareness for Santa Barbara County animals in need. Enjoy wonderful wine, food and chocolate along with live music by celebrated local performers. Plus, bid on amazing silent auction items. All proceeds go to support C.A.R.E.4Paws.

For more information. click here.

The Dioji Family

Each month we like to introduce one of our valuable team members to you so you can get to know the Dioji staff even better.


Assistant Manager

Phoenix, Arizona

Pets of My Own
I have 5 dogs, a chinchilla, 3 birds

Something people may not know about you
I played Division 1 soccer in college and with that have blown out my knee twice.

Favorite activity with the dogs
I love encouraging young dogs to venture into the water and I love seeing them realize just how fun and awesome it is!

Favorite Dioji moment
I love when Oliver (black lab) sees me walking over by the tire in the pool yard. He always runs straight over, jumps on top of the tire and throws his two paws around my head and gives me an infinite number of licks.

The Doggie Dish

Each month we'll select one Dioji member and give you some fun thoughts, written by our dog associates who know them best!


Member since
April 2012

I love coming to Dioji! I can hardly contain my wiggles when I come through the door in the morning.

I love to play with all the dogs, but Sasha is definitely my best friend. We could tumble around all day long, but I do love a good afternoon nap in the warm sunshine. We often play hide-n-seek in the play structures, and my favorite place to hide is under the castle.

On some days I get extra pampering from Dioji. They bath me, do my nails, and blow dry and brush my hair. I feel great afterwards, and I know my owner appreciates it too. Nothing compares to a wonderful day at Dioji!

Looking for a Home

We found this loving old soul at the Animal Shelter about a year ago. She was laying there looking defeated, barely raising an eyebrow as my kids and I walked by. We asked to meet her, and the second she hit the fresh grass with her paws, she became a puppy again; rolling on her back, prancing like a puppy and chasing a ball with gusto! It was immediately apparent that she had spent most of her life with a loving family, and had somehow ended up homeless and depressed.

We had no intention of adopting another dog, but when we met her we simply could not pass her by. Sora took to our other two dogs with ease, and upon meeting our three young kids sauntered up and gave them each a big smooch. Our family immediately took to her and decided she should come live at Dioji until a permanent home could be found. (We would gladly keep her in our family if we didn't already have 3 small kids and 2 big dogs!).

Sora has been living at Dioji for about a year, and has proven to be a wonderful dog. We imagine her to be around 12 years old, but she is full of life. She gets along with every type of dog, does well with kids and is a big goofball. She is fully potty trained and knows basic commands. The Dioji team members take turns taking her home for a night here and there, and she has shown to attach very easily to a new 'family.' Thus, she does show signs of separation anxiety.

She would do best with a family that has a lot of time to spend with her. She is happy to be active and go on long walks, or just cuddle up with someone and spend the day in a home. Please help us find this loving gal a happy home to spend the rest of her spunky life!

- Jeannie

Contact Dioji if you are interested in meeting Sora to help her find her forever home.

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