This policy ensures that every dog entering the facility is fully vaccinated and is of proper temperament.


Written proof to be provided upon interview

  • Puppies Under 5 Months of Age: Must have Bordatella and completed at least 2 rounds of DHPP.
  • Dogs Over 5 Months of Age: Current on Bordatella, Rabies, and DHPP.


All dogs over the age of 7 months must be spayed or neutered.


No exhibited aggressive behavior toward other dogs, humans or aggressive toy protection.


While our group, cage-free setting is an ideal avenue for continued social development among dogs, this is not the appropriate place to cure aggressive social tendencies or behaviors. Such signals are often an indication of deeper issues that need to be improved upon by individually working with a professional trainer. No dog is a bad dog; some just need a little extra help to ease their concerns.

Membership Applications

If your dog fits the membership requirements above, please click on the Membership Application button below or contact us to schedule a facility tour and prospective member evaluation. Upon satisfactory completion, the candidate will be admitted as the latest lucky dog – eligible for all of the pampering dog services that Dioji has to offer at all three locations (Santa Barbara, Goleta and Agoura Hills)!

Membership Has Its Privileges!

In addition to enjoying the full line of services offered, each Dioji dog club member is automatically enrolled in our emergency pet retrieval assistance. Each dog receives an exclusive Dioji membership card in the form of a dog tag, complete with Dioji logo and phone number. In the event that your dog is found while on an unplanned adventure and you cannot be reached, Dioji will help facilitate your reunion.



Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy – that was so much fun. All those nice dogs who want to play with ME!!!

- Charlie